Secret sauces of Git

Here I go through some advance use of Git as part of my daily workflow

10 June 2016

Test your geo skills with Guess Where? app

Test your geo skills with Guess Where? app. Guess name of the unmarked capital from given options. You can also choose a region or play quiz for whole world.

07 September 2015

Android vs Apple at Google Maps

Here I am covering details regarding series of vandalism at Google Maps that originated from Google Map Maker.

25 April 2015

Build to Learn – socialmedia.js – Case Study

The journey of learning web development by building some library, framework or merely a wrapper. Here is quick summary from building and maintaining of socialmedia.js and learning through this process.

13 April 2015

Making public data more readable and accessible

Introducing Geography of Pakistan project that collects Pakistan’s public data from official sources and make them available in different better formats for reusability, scalability and accessibility.

23 August 2014

Consuming multiple APIs asynchronously

Consuming multiple APIs parallel to each other can be very tricky. Here is a detailed case study to chain multiple APIs with each other using JavaScript’s asynchronous approach.

21 August 2014

Using Special Integers with Bitwise Operators for PHP RBAC

Ever wondered how different type of roles and permissions in a system are handled? Well, using bitwise operators can be one of the methods. But this article is more about getting a list of required integers that would make Bitwise operator work properly.

11 October 2013

Fetch tweets with Twitter API v1.1

An attampt to create a PHP wrapper to easily access the methods of Twitter API v1.1 that requires OAuth authentication and authorization on all endpoints unlike its previous version.

09 October 2013

Introducing socialmedia.js v1.1

Socialmedia.js is a JavaScript library that enables social media functions and plugins in web apps and websites. It reduces the pain of collecting code snippets and their setup.

19 September 2013

Tweet to map Pakistan – Case Study / Experiment

In 2011, I setup a private Twitter handler @pkmaps for an experiment by collecting and using the location information through Tweet in order to map the features at Google Map Maker.

06 September 2013

Pakistan’s Elections Information Portals

Since Pakistan’s next general elections are just few weeks away now, there has been an incredible use of technology in different and innovative forms. I see this as a revolution towards making much more information and data available for public than ever before.

28 April 2013

Instagram API PHP Class

This PHP wrapper for Instagram API intends to provide an easy access to majority of methods in Instagram API as well as to OAuth authentication and authorization.

08 March 2013

Welcome at my blog and folio

After pretty much of a year long procrastination, finally I got the chance to setup my blog and folio! Since you already have shown some interest to spend some time here — therefore please let me offer you a warm welcome at my personal space.