I am a software engineer with a passion for the web. I have an experience of more than seven years in developing scalable, performant, and interactive web applications with a keen eye for best practices and industry standards.


Staff Engineer (Jan 2023 — Present)

Rated People

As a Staff Engineer, I inherited a majority of responsibilities from my previous Tech Lead role and expand to encompass broader responsibilities, including leadership, strategic planning, and technical excellence.

Frontend Tech Lead (Jun 2018 — Dec 2022)

Rated People

As a Frontend Tech Lead, I was adept at mentoring and managing teams, driving modernization efforts, and ensuring code quality and platform health.

Frontend Web Developer (Nov 2015 — May 2018)

Rated People

Involved in planning and development of new features and maintaining the existing codebases by keeping up with best practices, performance, security and industry standards.

Lead Web Developer (May 2013 — Oct 2015)

Influence Digital

Oversee the social apps and websites development for clients, mentor and manage the development team and maintain technical roadmap.

Social Web Developer (Feb 2013 — Apr 2013)

Influence Digital ex. United Agency

Developing social web apps for the Facebook platform and integrating third-party APIs (Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram) to build interactive apps engaging a vast social media audience.


I develop apps based on personal ideas and interests in my spare time. Most of my projects are open-sourced and the code is hosted at GitHub. Some of these projects are:

Childcare Vouchers

A directory of businesses accepting childcare vouchers as a method of payment.


A directory of different organisations, charities and individuals who are working around the world to help the vulnerable during the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Covid19 Today

Daily updated figures for COVID19 for every country and continent

Reason to Follow

A browser extension that helps you remember the reason to follow an account on social platforms.

Work Clock

A MacOS menu bar utility app I developed to help myself while working remotely from different timezones. The app is written in Swift.

Google Maps API React Hook

A custom React hook to integrate Google Maps JavaScript SDK in React apps.

Facebook API React Hook

A custom React hook to integrate Facebook JavaScript SDK in React apps.

Postcode.io PHP SDK

PostcodesIO is a PHP library for postcodes.io API. It provides support to most recent versions of PHP and has robust unit testing suite to report any changes in base API or otherwise.

Guess Where

A geo quiz app built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Google Maps API. It is inspired from an image-based quiz by The Independent.


A JavaScript library that simplifies the social media integration into the web apps. It has a comprehensive documentation covering setup and usage for various supportive social media platforms.


An easy-to-use PHP client to authenticate and consume Twitter API in web apps. Fetchwitter exposes a small and simple API to fetch Tweets and perform searches with terms such as a hashtag. It also has a WordPress plugin for easy integration into WordPress.

CSV Parser

A PHP client to parse CSV data from a file, stream, or string and convert into indexed or associative array format.

JS Memcache

A lightweight JavaScript in-memory cache to store data for better performance by saving on network requests.


MSc Computer Science (Web Development)

Staffordshire University

September 2010 — February 2013


I have worked with or have a good understanding/familiarity with the following technologies, services and concepts.

Languages / Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, Apache, Java, Ruby, Docker, AWS, Cloudflare, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Firebase, Elastic, Swift, React Native, Linux/MacOS/Windows

Frameworks / Libraries

ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux, Express, Remix, 11ty, jQuery, Backbone, Underscore/Lodash, Symfony, WordPress, Laravel, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Create React App

Workflow Concepts

REST, TDD, BDD, Cucumber, Testing (Unit, Integration, End-to-End, Smoke, Stress, Performance), MVC, Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum, DRY, KISS, BEM, Progressive Enhancement & Graceful Degradation

Data / APIs / Web Services

XML, JSON, JSONP, Google APIs, Facebook Graph API, Twitter API, Instagram API


Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, BitBucket, Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, Pipelines, Trello, NPM, Bower, Composer, Sass, Less, Jekyll, Webpack, Grunt, Yeoman, Functional/Reactive programming, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, VWO, AppDynamics, Miro, Figma, Salesforce, Invision, Branch, Postman, Swagger, Storybook, Lerna, Volta, Prettier, ESLint, Android Studio, XCode, Wrangler, Miniflare

Voluntary Work

During my free time, I like to contribute to social ideas that benefit large communities. As part of such an initiative, I worked between 2008 and 2013 with Google on their Map Maker project to map the unmapped areas of the world — especially developing countries.

Since then, I have served in different community-leading positions such as Power Mapper, Advocate and Regional Lead. It involves working with a global community of mappers, guiding them, setting regional standards of mapping, organizing, and speaking at events and leading training sessions around the globe. More information is available on Google LatLng Blog


Cooking, Cycling, Travelling, Cartography, Books, Cricket

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