Jabran Rafique

Tech Lead at Rated People

I am a Software Engineer with a passion for progressive and usable web. Some of the technologies and tools I work with regularly are

JavaScript, nodeJS, React, Gatsby, Redux, CSS/Sass, Symfony, WordPress, Webpack, Composer, npm, docker, Cloudflare, AWS, Atlassian suite and more.

I like to work on different ideas from time to time. Almost all of my projects are open-sourced and available at GitHub. Apart from web development, I have been a digital cartographer to map the unmapped areas of the world with Google Map Maker from 2008 to 2013.

I regularly tweet, share and contribute to code, write my thoughts out and occasionally speak at events.

Latest project

Work Clock. A macOS menubar app to display time for a different timezone. Download on App Store

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