An archived collection of articles by Jabran Rafique

Building childcare vouchers business directory

Summary of various steps involved to build a business directory accepting childcare vouchers as payment

How to resolve Cloudflare Workers Sites deploy error in a Remix app

How to resolve "The uploaded script has no registered event handlers. " in the app

Performance audits with GatsbyJS and Lighthouse

How to integrate Lighthouse into GatsbyJS CD/CI pipeline

Building an information platform

Everything about building an information portal, from need; to idea; to implementation.

Smashing Conference London 2018

Experience of attending two days of Smashing Conference, London 2018

Migrating from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code

Quick story telling all about migrating from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code.

Using DRY concept in Symfony2 Entities

This is an effort to make Symfony2 workflow (bit more) DRY where Entities are mapped with Doctrine ORM.

Secret sauces of Git

Here I go through some advance use of Git as part of my daily workflow

CSS pseudo elements

Comparing two different use cases for CSS pseudo elements

Journey from medical education to #FirstTechJob

Recent involvement in #FirstTechJob discussion on Twitter brought out all nostalgic memories. Here I tell my life changing story from medical education to computing.

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