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November 16, 20122 minutes read

Since you already have shown some interest to spend some time here — therefore please let me offer you a warm welcome at my personal space. I am a Web Engineer based in London, UK. I hold an experience of over 5 years in web design and development, user interface and user experience modeling, strategy and architecture planning. I am an undergraduate from WLCBMS in Information Technology and Masters of Computer Science in Web Development from Staffordshire University.

I advocate semantic web, performance oriented structure and user centric approach using most latest available tools and technologies, and showcase a passion for learning upcoming technologies and tools. For a long time, I had been thinking to have a personal space where I could share my thoughts in detail, present the ideas that strike me from time to time and of course discuss them with you all and showcase my involvements in various on going activities. I hold deep interest in web and geo technologies, graphic designing, geo technologies and relevant stuff.

I just love the fact that how web is taking over everything, especially making day to day services more conveniently accessible.

Exploring this website

At this website, you will find my various kind of activities related to web, graphics, occasional photography and lot of other random stuff—hence I could not figure out a better title than “activities” for such a category.

In Blog section you will find my writings—in those I plan to cover various things that may come to my mind from time to time. Updating the folio and other activities from past will take some time so bear with me on that. You can either subscribe to the feed or just stay in touch with me on social media i.e. Twitter where I post any updates from this website and about other interesting stuff I come across.

I have tried to keep this website design as simple as possible and to best possible user experience. In fact, Google PageSpeed Insights returns 100/100 score for user experience at this website. Although, I didn’t want to spend an awful amount of time in supporting legacy browsers and their compatibility but you will still find this website suitable enough to even explore on stone age versions of Internet Explorer. All thanks to responsive layout of this website, you can easily experience the ease of use while surfing it from any of your tablets and smart phones.

Web mapping / cartography

I also contribute at Google Map Maker – a web based cartography platform – to map the unmapped areas in the world, with special interest for Pakistan and I had been doing this passionately since July 2008. Since March 2011, I am serving as platform advocate (an honorary position) that enables me along with other advocates to organise web mapping events, help others to organise such events, lead and speak at these events to share the experience and benefits of digital maps—especially for developing countries. Since there is a lot to share in this regard, I shall write about this long journey at some different times in future.

Updated: 17 April 2015

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