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An archived collection of articles by Jabran Rafique

Rebuilding United Website - Development Workflow

Recently I worked on redesigning & redeveloping United Agency website. Here is an overview on development workflow and tools used during this process.

New Cocoa Programmers, iOS, Objective-C and Swift

I recently went into learning iOS development. Here is all about so far experience and what future holds in it with new child in Cocoa family called Swift.

Introducing CodePakistan

CodePakistan is a collection of publicly available and usable code snippets, programs, libraries and data sets.

Fetch tweets with Twitter API v1.1

An attampt to create a PHP wrapper to easily access the methods of Twitter API v1.1 that requires OAuth authentication and authorization on all endpoints unlike its previous version.

Roads alignment in Google Map Maker with help of Google Earth imagery

This is a story of my personal pursuit of updating public information for Google Maps and then physically travelling on the route to experience it. Let me tell that it felt great.

Understanding user journey in Facebook applications

Facebook applications are wonderful medium to promote products and build up a fan base. In this article, I try to explain two sides of a Facebook canvas app.

Tweet to map Pakistan – Case Study / Experiment

In 2011, I setup a private Twitter handler @pkmaps for an experiment by collecting and using the location information through Tweet in order to map the features at Google Map Maker.

Pakistan’s Elections Information Portals

Since Pakistan’s next general elections are just few weeks away now, there has been an incredible use of technology in different and innovative forms. I see this as a revolution towards making much more information and data available for public than ever before.

Instagram API PHP Class

This PHP wrapper for Instagram API intends to provide an easy access to majority of methods in Instagram API as well as to OAuth authentication and authorization.

Welcome at my blog and folio

After pretty much of a year long procrastination, finally I got the chance to setup my blog and folio! Since you already have shown some interest to spend some time here — therefore please let me offer you a warm welcome at my personal space.

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