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An archived collection of articles by Jabran Rafique

Google Map Maker Regional Leads

Reviewing the re-opening of Google Map Maker and new roles of Regional Leads

Android vs Apple at Google Maps

Here I am covering details regarding series of vandalism at Google Maps that originated from Google Map Maker.

Build to Learn – socialmedia.js – Case Study

The journey of learning web development by building some library, framework or merely a wrapper. Here is quick summary from building and maintaining of socialmedia.js and learning through this process.

Quick overview of Google Noto Nastaleeq Urdu web font

Today, Google Web Fonts Early Access announced experimental draft of Noto Nastaleeq typeface. This move makes it a first Urdu Nastaleeq font available in famous web fonts repository.

Making public data more readable and accessible

Introducing Geography of Pakistan project that collects Pakistan’s public data from official sources and make them available in different better formats for reusability, scalability and accessibility.

Consuming multiple APIs asynchronously

Consuming multiple APIs parallel to each other can be very tricky. Here is a detailed case study to chain multiple APIs with each other using JavaScript’s asynchronous approach.

First ever Twitter UK Developers meetup

Experience tale of attending first ever Twitter Developers meetup by Twitter UK in London.

Everything you need to know on how Google Maps work?

Informational article explaining Google mapping products and how they work. Also covers relevant Google products directly or indirectly involved.

Rebuilding United Website - Development Workflow

Recently I worked on redesigning & redeveloping United Agency website. Here is an overview on development workflow and tools used during this process.

New Cocoa Programmers, iOS, Objective-C and Swift

I recently went into learning iOS development. Here is all about so far experience and what future holds in it with new child in Cocoa family called Swift.

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